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TEA PARTY magazine seeks submissions of fiction, poetry, photography, visual art, comics, and feature essays for its upcoming issue #17, to be published in Summer 2007. As a non-profit arts & culture magazine based in Oakland and San Francisco, we publish work by writers, artists, intellectuals, and activists from diverse cultures, communities, and fields of study. Our core focus is the intersection of creativity and social justice. We are distributed in independent bookstores both nationally and in Canada.

If you've never read Tea Party before, we strongly suggest you check out sample content at www.tparty.org or www.teapartymagazine.org to get a sense of what we publish. Or, better yet, call your local independent bookstore and pick up an issue. For submission guidelines see our website or send a SASE to the address below.

Our theme for Issue #17 is TRANS• in all its many shades of meaning. As a prefix or abbreviation, TRANS• can mean "across, beyond, through, on or to the other side, into another state or place, change, the opposite side of," or can even refer to something farther and allow us to experience new, in-between states. What does TRANS• mean to you? What words or associations does it conjure? Here are just a few possibilities:
TRANS• lation
TRANS• formation
TRANS• ition
TRANS• cultural
TRANS• cendence
TRANS• gender
TRANS• fer
TRANS• portation
TRANS• position
TRANS• generational
TRANS• action
TRANS• cription
TRANS• mission
TRANS• ence
TRANS• plant
TRANS• parency
TRANS• fat
TRANS• creation

How does TRANS• speak to our experience as individuals and as communities, and what meaning does TRANS• have for us as a society at this particular point in history? We welcome other ways you can think of to relate to this theme. Surprise us!
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