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Astrobiology and the Sacred [US]:
The Astrobiology and the Sacred project announces a national poetry competition sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation, the Metanexus Institute, and The University of Arizona.


* How did life come to be on Earth?
* What is the future of life on Earth?
* Is there life elsewhere in the universe?
* How strange might life be beyond Earth?
* What would it mean if we were truly alone?
* Do art or ethics have a universal meaning?
* Would the discovery of aliens affect our self-image?
* Can we communicate with an alien intelligence?
* In what way is life in the universe sacred?


FIRST PRIZE: $1,000 plus an invitation, including travel and lodging to read at The
University of Arizona in the Astrobiology and the Sacred Lecture Series, and publication in Isotope: A Journal of Literary Nature and Science Writing [...]
Deadline: December 2, 2005
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