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Searching for Sylvia Plath in The Paris Review interview archives

Sylvia Plath and The Art of Poetry
Ted Hughes Interview
It was at that party that Hughes met Sylvia Plath, an American student ... Plath would recall the event in a journal entry: “I met the strongest man..."

Anne Sexton Interview
After the Ritz, we would spend our last pennies at the Waldorf Cafeteria—a dinner for seventy cents—George was in no hurry. He was separated from his wife; Sylvia’s Ted [Hughes] was busy with his own work, and I had to stay in the city for a seven P.M. appointment with my psychiatrist . . . a funny three.

Carolyn Kizer Interview
It's easier for us women to be generous--with the exception of Sylvia Plath, who was so competitive--because we are still giving each other a helping hand...

Stanley Elkin Interview
We have this greasy interest in Sylvia Plath. If that woman had never killed herself, her books would sell less than mine.

Harold Bloom Interview
Miss Plath is a bad verse writer.

W. S. Merwin Interview
I also remember that Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath came and watched the end of that. Ted and Sylvia were reluctant to get involved in that kind of thing...

Amy Clampitt Interview
I was greatly affected by Sylvia Plath's Ariel when it first appeared...

Happy birthday, Sylvia Plath.
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