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Thursday, May 31, 2007
S. Bose (1975-2007) [Sri Lanka]:
S.Bose was known as a poet, journalist and littérateur. He has been published in Eelanatham, Veliccham, Eelanadu, Nilam, Kalachuvadu, Veerakesari, Sari-nihar, Mundravathu manithan, Thamizh ulagam, Innoru kaladi. He has also worked for Veliccham, Eelanatham, Eelanadu, Veerakesari. He edited and published ‘Nilam’ an exclusive magazine for poetry. He also published from Sri Lanka, ‘Thamizh ulagam’ a magazine published in London, U.K.

S.Bose was captured, prisoned and tortured by the Sri Lankan Government in 2001. His mistake? He wrote about the Tamils’ exodus from Jaffna in a magazine published in Tamil Nadu, India. Due to the said magazine’s mishandling, S.Bose’s personal information were published and this was used by the Sri Lankan Government.

Bouncer sends poet on his way [Australia]:
FOR 76 years Henry Lawson, his swagman friend and his dog have watched over visitors taking the stroll through the Domain to Mrs Macquaries Point. Yesterday a burly security officer sent the poet and one-time vagabond on his way.

The bronze Lawson statue has been borrowed by the National Gallery of Australia for an exhibition of the artist George Lambert's works, opening on June 29. To avoid leaving Henry's stone plinth bare, the Botanic Gardens Trust was offered a choice of temporary replacements. After a little thought, a life-like fibreglass Maori security guard was chosen.

Yesterday a crane lowered the half-tonne Henry onto the back of a flat-top truck, and raised the guard in his place. "When we were asked by the gallery if we would lend them Henry Lawson, initially I was a bit reticent," the trust's executive director, Tim Entwisle, admitted as he watched the exchange. "But then I thought this was an opportunity for our Henry Lawson to be seen by more people."

Malouf poetry book to be launched at University of Queensland [Australia]:
The latest book by acclaimed Australian author Dr David Malouf, AO, will be launched at The University of Queensland on Monday, June 4.

Typewriter Music is Dr Malouf's first collection of poems in 26 years [...]

The Running Poets of Green Lake [US]:
Dear Poets,

Well here it is, 11 months into my year-long poetry/performance. I started taking my desk out to Green Lake on 1 July 2006. It's nearly July 2007 now! It's been a long and wonderful year. As my project winds down, I've started to organize some 'instigations' to celebrate. For 'Burning a Hole through the Seattle Freeze with Poetry' on 29 April, I took a blow torch to a 300lb block of ice. Once I'd melted a hole through it, I read 'Fire and Ice' by Robert Frost to people on the other side. It was a curious and beautiful object.

I am organizing now, 'The Running Poets of Green Lake.' As you know, the Green Lake pedestrian path is a 2.8 mile loop in the heart of Seattle's Green Lake neighborhood. It is wildly popular and thus a perfect place for poetry to go public. Participating runners will take a spin around the lake on Sunday 10 June 2007 while wearing poems written by local living poets.

I'd like you to participate!

1. Submit 1 short poem (max. 15 lines) to be printed on a cotton t-shirt [...]

Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Avatar Review is fresh.

[Thanks, Ms LEL.]

Poetry and Prose from In Posse Review

Monday, May 28, 2007
In Posse Review is fresh.

Sunday, May 27, 2007
Writers extending literary frontiers [Nigeria]:
TANURE Ojaide’s recent designation of the poets of this generation as copycats has generated a great deal of irascible and impertinent sputtering in certain quarters of the contemporary literary establishment. It is as it should be. Different generations of poets have always detested and pilloried certain elements in each other’s works from time immemorial. But I hope Ojaide did not include in his sweeping castigation the female poets, I mean the very best of them: Promise Okekwe, Toyin Adewale-Gabriel, Angela Agali-Nwosu, Lola Shoneyin-Soyinka, Biodun Idowu and some others. If he did, then it is unfortunate. It says much about our mindset when it comes to discussing issues, especially literary matters.

I believe the female poets have written better poetry than most of their male counterparts. Their poetry is less self-conscious - at least as far as language goes, direct and straightforward, pared of all meretricious rhetoric, overblown lyricism and contrived diction. But the female poets are not the subject of this essay.

MiPOesias Blogisimo: OCHO #9 is fresh.

Friday, May 25, 2007
Pen Portraits [Australia]:
From a rough outline on a studio canvas to a masterpiece hanging on a gallery wall, Robert Adamson observed Brett Whiteley's paintings in many stages. "You would see them grow in the studio," says Adamson, an acclaimed poet whose friendship with the late Whiteley stretched back to the early 1970s.

“We had a lot more things in common than drugs,” Adamson says now. “It was more a poetry and painting-fuelled artistic friendship. We were just in love with art and painting, and Bob Dylan.”

Artists painting with hues of mitochondria:
Getting artists to meet embryos, and vice versa, is the whole point of Subtle Technologies.

'The festival gives a snapshot of a world of interconnectedness,' said programming director Jim Ruxton. 'I want people to see bridges between things in our world they've never seen before.'

One such bridge takes the form of The Xenotext Experiment, in which poet Christian Bok will write a poem and geneticist Stuart Kauffman will translate it into a DNA sequence to implant into a bacterium's genome.

A poet word-renowned:
A writer who combines keen precision and intense emotion, [Erica] Funkhouser's work is more popular than ever. Last month she became one of 189 artists, scholars, and scientists to win a prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship. According to the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, the winners will receive about $40,000 each to develop their craft.
After earning degrees from Vassar and Stanford, she settled in Boston and started submitting her poems to large publications. In the mid-'70s, she sent two unsolicited poems to The Paris Review, a literary magazine that introduced Philip Roth and Jack Kerouac. Funkouser's poems were published.

'It was a big deal,' she says.

Thursday, May 24, 2007
Motherhood Anthology - Call for submissions: Poetry:
Photographer Elisha Rain & poet/writer Kelli Russell Agodon are joining together to create an anthology that speaks to being a mother in this current world. We are looking for poems exploring all areas of pregnancy, birth, and any aspects of being a mother. We are very open to all motherhood content and themes, but want poems that are powerful, truthful, thought-provoking, and/or thoughtful.

Send no more than 4 poems cut & pasted into the text of the email to:
motherhoodanthology (at) excite.com -- replace (at) with @

Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Matchmaker, Call for Artists [UK]:


VISUAL ARTIST (print maker)

This is creative commission to explore and record the rites and rituals of Sheffield United Football Club and the Sharrow community on match day. The four artists are required to work with local people to capture in sound, image and words the impact of match day on the local area and how it reacts to this regular disruption of its daily life.

The project seeks to reveal to the local community and the football club the different dynamics at play between club and community on match day and to foster a greater appreciation and understanding of the contribution that both make to the vibrancy of the area.

Project period: September 2007 - November 2007
Artist Fee: £4000 (minimum 22 days)
Materials up to: £1000
Closing date for applications: 30 May 2007

To receive an electronic copy of the full brief please email Mike McCarthy on mmc.thebigpicture @ btinternet .com

Please state in your email which of the posts you are interested in.

Sunday, May 20, 2007
Press 1 is fresh.

Soft Skull News: Sale, Sale.. [US]:
"One little bit of hell right now is that we are seriously b-r-o-k-e for the next 6 weeks because this deal is not scheduled to close until June 30th. So, as a result, 40% off virtually everything on the Soft Skull website! Buy early, buy often! (Believe it or not, we need the ducats now far more than we did during the days of the PGW bankruptcy, this is one crazy-assed business...)"

Saturday, May 19, 2007
Before the terror [Russia]:
As a precocious teenager, Stalin had a surprising talent for romantic poetry, a passion that endured throughout his life.

Thursday, May 17, 2007
Doctor poet practises healing arts [Australia]:
Depression is a disaster in rural Australia says Tim. People are turning to simple mediums, simple ways to express feelings and to "places where you can express yourself without judgement."

All the arts work as tools for expression, says Tim and poetry is not special here. But poetry is one of the basic human instincts, he contends. Think of the important milestones in existence - birth, wedding, death. At these times, people write poems.

For the Navajo people of America, poetry is one of their most powerful healing tools. The poetry techniques of chants and recitation are used to retell stories of those who have become chronically ill. “This is a fascinating concept,” says Tim, "a retelling of someone's life in order to heal them.

Tim Metcalf is a therapist but first and foremost, he's a poet. As a member of the Fellowship of Australian Writers, he loves the Poets in the Pub readings down on the south coast. Friends of the Bega Library raise funds and have bought poetry books for the library. As well Tim advises them on their collection.

Another exciting initiative by the library is the establishment of the local history collection. Gradually, the music of all locals who have made recordings will be collected and made available to the public. This is something of a first, Tim thinks.

As a doctor, Tim Metcalf sees suffering and he sees anguish. "Poetry can reduce the epidemic of stress and depression," he believes. "We are seeing it happen."

Kurdish poet reads acclaimed work in UK parliament:
Sister Wendy Beckett, a well known UK art critic who selected the poem Voice for Inspired Verse, writes in her introduction to the anthology, "Nazand Begikhani has lost father and brothers to racial hatred. She is a genocide survivor who devotes herself the seeking justice for the Kurdish people and all who are persecuted. She believes happiness is our right, and sings of it with wistful certainty."

Balaraw: call for poems [Philippines/world]:
Balaraw is a monthly journal that attempts to capture the Philippine contemporary poetry scene by featuring works or translations by young or established poets.

You can send your poems (maximum of 3) to balaraw.poetry @ gmail.com.

Please include a short profile write-up.

The first issue will appear on June 1, 2007.

The Continental Review [France/online]:
What is "The Continental Review"?
Welcome to the Web's first Video Forum for Contemporary Poetry and Poetics. The Continental Review aims to be:
(1) A forum for video readings of new poetry
(2) A forum for video reviews of new poetry
(3) A forum for video interviews on poetics
It's early days, but the vision is to provide a haven for original video readings, coupled with a number of regular video-reviewers giving their opinions, in (re)embodied real-time, on recent books and issues relating to contemporary fiction, theory, poetry and poetics. The Continental Review thus aims to become the primary stop for video content related to contemporary poetics on the web.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Windy City Times call for writing [US]:
Windy City Times is now accepting submissions for its fourth annual literary supplement, to be published in the newspaper’s pride issue, out June 20.

The theme for this year’s entries is “Transgressions.” Regarding poetry, individuals can submit up to three poems ( and the total maximum limit is 500 words ) . The limit for a prose submission is also 500 words. Entries should be sent double-spaced with a 12-point font.

Send items as attachments in Microsoft Word to WCTPride @ gmail.com . The deadline is May 30. Accepted submissions will be paid $10 per poem, and $25 for prose.

Jerry Hall Booked For Poetry Festival [UK]:
SUPERMODEL Jerry Hall and superstar novelist Jilly Cooper are sure to be sell-out, glamorous crowd pleasers at this year's Ledbury Poetry Festival.

After months of negotiations, both high-profile attractions signed for this summer's festival just days before the programme went to press.

Festival director Chloe Garner said: 'Jerry Hall, who lives in Richmond, was writing a column for the Independent and she mentioned that she had been on an Arvon writing course with Hugo Williams, because she really loves his poems, as that she is writing poetry herself.'

The 'ex' of both Mick Jagger and Brian Ferry wrote: 'I am exploring new things like writing poetry. It is my catharsis.'

Rabbit Light Movies

Rabbit Light Movies:
EPISODE #3 is finished!!

always swim at night: a tour film featuring

Zachary Schomburg

Mathias Svalina

Joshua Marie Wilkinson

also featuring special guest appearances by

Nathan Bartel & Julie Doxsee

& a haircut! & a lung! & some knives, cake, & a whale!

It is a 35 minute film with bonus features of all five of us reading at

Mathias Svalina's house in Lincoln, Nebraska.

It is for you. Email if you want one. rabbitlightmovies @ gmail.com

send your name & address. It is limited to 99 copies.

Monday, May 14, 2007
Kulture Vulture is fresh.

Sunday, May 13, 2007
Cooking with a Poet, article from Slightly Foxed [UK]:
Sue Gee: 'In the spring of 2001 I was through the PEN's 'News of Members', an often diverting page or two at the back of their quarterly bulletin. Amidst announcements of any number of new novels, prizes, plays and fellowships, not to mention Fay Weldon's elevation to Companion of the British Empire, lay this:
Paul Roche has the following privately printed books available: Cooking with a Poet, More Cooking with a Poet, New Tales from Aesop and Fifty Poems.
'There followed an address in Majorca. I, a hopeless cook, was alert at once. Cooking with a poet! Why should one ever with to cook with anyone else?'

Friday, May 11, 2007
Snakeskin's Book Fair [UK/world]:
JUNE is the month of Snakeskin's Book Fair

This means that anyone with a poetry book or pamphlet that he/she wishes to publicise should send us an email headed Snakeskin Book Fair.

Swings and roundabouts (tentative title) [NZ/Australia]:
A poetry anthology on the theme of parenting edited in NZ, is keen to have submissions from Australian poets. And you don't actually have to be a parent to contribute.... She wants lateral interpretations of the theme.... Have attached/pasted guidelines. Pass it on to anyone you think might be interested.

Call for submissions – poetry anthology

Publisher: Godwit, Random House

Selecting Editor: Emma Neale

Swings and Roundabouts
(provisional title) an anthology of poems on parenting.

Due for release in 2008, this anthology is open to submissions from published and unpublished New Zealand and Australian poets.

We want the anthology to focus on as many aspects of raising children as possible: the joys, the frustrations, the comedy, the challenges: the merry-go-sorry of tantrums and love. We are looking for everything from poems about childbirth to poems about dealing with adult children.

Authors are welcome to submit published or unpublished work, although new work will gain preference.

Poems may be up to 100 lines long, and must be printed in size 12 font on one side of A4 paper. The author's name and contact details clearly provided on each page. If the poem has been previously published, these details must also be provided.

Email submissions are not acceptable.

Submissions should be addressed to Emma Neale, Selecting Editor, Swings and Roundabouts c/- Random House, Private Bag 102950, North Shore Mail Centre, 18 Poland Road, Glenfield, Auckland, New Zealand 1310

The deadline for submissions is 30 November 2007.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007
The Annie Deeny Memorial Prize [Republic of Ireland/world]:
The Annie Deeny Memorial Prize was launched by distinguished poet Fleur Adcock in May 2004. Mrs Annie Deeny was a teacher and mother of six children who, although she wrote, never sought to have her work published. This perpetual prize is in her memory to encourage someone in a similar situation to write and to publish. It provides a two-week residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig plus €250 to cover extra costs. It will be awarded each year to a woman or man, preferably a parent, who is developing her/his career as a writer and whose promise will be nurtured by a period of residency at Annaghmakerrig. Applications are now invited for 2007.

You may apply for the prize by completing the standard application form available on the website http://www.tyroneguthrie.ie/ You should attach a short statement about yourself and your work, indicating why you believe you should be awarded the prize. You should also enclose some samples of your writing.

Applications by 31 July 2007 to:

Dr. Pat Donlon
Tyrone Guthrie Centre
Co. Monaghan
Republic of Ireland

Monday, May 07, 2007
Libertine Magazine [UK]:
LIBERTINE MAGAZINE - Liberating Language: Poetry & Lyrics

Libertine Magazine is the ONLY magazine dedicated solely to Poetry & Song Lyrics.

Issue Three is OUT NOW and we're accepting submissions for Issue Four.

Each issue will explore a variety of popular and new poetry and lyrics. We will talk to poets about music and lyricists about literature, looking at the different influences and inspirations that music and poetry have on one another. By exploring these together we hope to inspire and expand your creativity or even just enhance your enjoyment of words and their music for a little while.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Libertine Magazine aims to liberate language from the restrictive confines of stereotype. We provide a liberal creative space for poets, lyricists and writers to individually explore and expand their art. Have a look through previous issue to see the styles that we've enjoyed. We're looking for original poetry & song lyrics For Issue Four of Libertine Magazine.

POETRY & LYRICS: Poets; Send 2-5 poems (up to 40 lines each though up to 80 lines will be considered). Lyricists; Send 2-5 songs (lyrics only - up to 40 lines each though up to 80 lines will be considered)

OTHER SUBMISSIONS: Ideas for features and reviews are welcome. Please send a summery of up to 200 words outlining your proposal along with examples of your written work. All original ideas focusing on poetry and/or lyrics will be considered.


SEND SUBMISSIONS TO: libertinemagazine @ ntlworld.com
along with a brief list of influential poems/songs/films/books/albums etc, we do not want your biography, we want your inspiration!

See us at: http://www.myspace.com/libertinemagazine

Saturday, May 05, 2007
PMS: Poetry Memoir Story call for poems:
[ A Request from Poet Honorée Fanonne Jeffers]

Dear Folks:

I am guest-editing a special black women's issue of the journal PMS: Poetry, Memoir and Story, to be published in Spring 2008. The issue will feature poems, stories and memoirs by black women writers, both established and emerging.


If you identify as a black (or African American) woman and would like to submit work to be considered for this special issue, the deadline is October 1, 2007. Please send up to 5 poems or 15 pages of prose (fiction or memoir) with SASE to:

PMS (Black Women Writers’ Issue)
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Dept. of English, 900 South 13th Street
Birmingham, AL 35294-1260

In addition to sending hard copies of your work to the snail mail address, please ALSO send an electronic copy of your submission (word format) to me at honijeff @ aol.com .

Take care, and please spread the word!

All best,
Honorée Fanonne Jeffers

Friday, May 04, 2007
Muse India is fresh.

Call for poems [Atlanta, USA]:
A group of designers at Georgia Tech are working on a multi-media project and are looking for poems about each of the MARTA stations. Poems should "center" on the station, the area around that station, and/or the connections to/from that station. Ultimately, we want one poem per station on the entire rail line. Poets who are selected will be asked to come to GT and record readings of their poems which will be a part of this larger public multi-media presentation. There will be no payment beyond "exposure" which will be quite extensive. Beyond the multi-media project, Dr. Karen Head will be editing an anthology of the poems tentatively titled Atlanta Rail.

the 11th Mainichi Haiku Contest

the 11th Mainichi Haiku Contest [Japan/world]:
Invitation to enter the 11th annual Mainichi Haiku Contest!

Entries open from April 11 to Aug. 31, 2007

The Mainichi Newspapers is inviting participation in the 11th Annual Mainichi Haiku Contest.

We look forward to receiving original Japanese, English or French entries that will help add a touch of inspiration to the world of haiku.