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Call for Poems: Ashbery Tribute by Australian Poets

Friday, November 19, 2010
From poet Michael Farrell [Australia]:
i am putting together a tribute to american poet john ashbery, who has i think been an influence or attraction to many australian poets

i am looking for poems that are influenced by ashbery, address ashbery in some way etc

they can be previously published - but if in book form, please get the ok from publisher if possible (or i will dont worry about acknowledgments at this stage - they will prob change - so i will ask for them when i make decisions - i havent made any decisions yet - this is still the accumulation stage)
please feel free to pass this on -

visual / concrete work welcome but black & white only .. please send poems as 1 doc or rtf file (not docx) - if visual, ask me

deadline -mid feb - say valentines day if that helps

im interested in pantoums & sestinas - not just any - but if u feel they are in some way after ashbery - i wrote mine because of him -
Details: limecha at hotmail dot com

The Hong Kong Writers' Circle November Workshop

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
The Cliche, 29 November 2010:
Just Write workshop will focus on the cliche, some of the ones you hate, some of the ones we hate and some of the ones that were used in Measurements, the 2010 HKWC anthology.

Voice Alpha

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
...a repository for thoughts, theories, suggestions, likes and dislikes and anything else related to the art and science of reading poetry aloud for an audience

Selecting poetry for an Australian journal

Friday, November 12, 2010
Ashley Capes:
"...I realised I wanted to get some thoughts down on the editing process, and so here they are, hopefully they turn out to be of some use. As a writer, I understand how mysterious it can be, what goes on with editors when they have your work. And I’ve noticed more than a few editors making their selection process more transparent, and I think it’s a smart idea because editors deserve more credit, but also because it may help writers.

"For me, editing poetry for a journal is usually split into two broad halves, selection and alteration. Both sides of the role are enjoyable, though I find that selection can be as heartbreaking as it is exciting and that’s what I want to talk about now."

Call for Audio Chapbook Collaborators

Thursday, November 11, 2010
"Whale Sound loves reading individual poems, but would like to engage in a more sustained manner with the work of one or two web-active poets. So: we’re open to chapbook submissions until we find those one or two."

Update: now closed.

I love writers because I worship words and lines of them.

Friday, November 05, 2010
Dagoberto Gilb writes:
What I’d read of [Ai's] work was raw, fearless, driven, smart, good. She wrote unnostalgically about the poor and the outcaste, openly about sex and violence but without cliché or stereotypes or in a simplistic binary politic—so that her poetry was not only about holy victims or folkloric heroes, nothing that made her people better than your people, only about inside each and every. Her work even seems to question whether cultural or racial identity can continue to exist, even as her most riveting characters were black. Cruelty was a stunning collection, as was The Killing Floor. When she won the National Book Award for Vice, it was like, It’s about time.
[via Lorcaloca]

Seasonal Poetry

Tuesday, November 02, 2010
...in Sanskrit. Here's one for Mango.

This is our letterpress.

It is a Kelsey 6x10.
My wife found this in the basement of a friend's apartment building. There was an exchange of money and some alcohol to sweeten the deal.


To get this up and running, we'll need new parts which in turn will require cash. To do this, we've lowered the price on a bunch of Greying Ghost books. Roughly half the catalog has lowered by a dollar or two. There are some sweet deals. Lots of great books for a great price and a great cause! Plus with each order you'll get some free pamphlets by some writers we greatly admire, as well as our terrific assortment of ephemera!