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Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Call for Writing [UK/world]:
Just wanted to let you know that the next issue of The London Magazine (www.thelondonmagazine.net) is Middle-Eastern themed, and we need submissions of poetry, pitches of ideas for articles and reviews.

Deadline: June 1, short stories word count: less than 2000 preferred, articles 800-1200 words.

Thereafter we have an unthemed issue (August/September, deadline August 1), and an Anglo/Indian issue (October/November, deadline: October 1)

Trespass magazine (www.trespassmagazine.co.uk)

More experimental work is needed for this magazine, and we urgently need more submissions of play extracts. These can be in development, or produced; word count: 600. Monologues work particularly well, as you want to choose something which gives you a sense of character, context and a taste for wanting to know what comes next.

We are also always looking for poetry, short fiction, creative ideas which explore the idea of crossing boundaries--we need people to be brave and suggest things that no other magazine would want to do.

Next issue theme: Utopia/Dystopia (August/ September issue), deadline for work July 1. Word count same as above.

Interview with Geraldine Monk:
Originality is much maligned, but I think it’s relevant to your work, which seems concerned to reacquaint with origins. Do you think about it at all in connection with your writing?

Do you mean my background etc? Firstly, let me say I don't give a hoot about being maligned. I'm not interested in rules, regulations or trends. If other poets or critics want to impose them on themselves and their writing let them. I cannot work to someone else's aesthetic or ideology.

Nature abhors a vacuum. We don't live in an abstraction. We live in our century, our culture, our place, our smell, our skin. We cannot undo our childhood. That's a given.

So yes my 'origins' are unapologetically integral to much of my writing because it defines so much of who I am. You can fight it or milk it. I do both.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Anti- is fresh.

Saturday, May 17, 2008
David Baratier/Pavement Saw Press [blog]:
"I no longer have a book coming out.

"David Baratier, editor of Pavement Saw Press, never sent my prize money (as he said he would in January), never gave me any sort of contract (he doesn't "do" contracts), did not return emails (he doesn't "do" email either, preferring the phone), and did not return my phone calls."

BOXCAR Poetry Review is fresh.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008
At the Artists' Colony:
"...I was reminded what an enormously helpful enactment of arts patronage the establishment of these residences has been. I’ve stayed at many of them, beginning with Yaddo and then the Djerassi Foundation, the MacDowell Colony, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, the Rockefeller Study and Conference Center at Bellagio (on Lake Como) and as said the Chateau Lavigny. In addition to allowing you to get your work done, residencies are a chance to meet other artists, many of them topnotch in their field."

Friday, May 09, 2008
The Writer:
"...by the time the weekend was over, not one of us nine had passed the 'manuscript is ready' threshold. While I was at times embarrassed, there were several poets--finalists in major poetry contests and first runner ups in publication reviews--who were far more pained than I by the advice they received.
Does this sound excruciating? Guess what: it was."

Writers Read: Rachel Zucker:
Every morning while I pump a bag of breast milk, I read 6 ounces worth of poems from Not for Mothers Only, an outstanding anthology of poems by women poets about "child getting and child rearing" co-edited by Catherine Wagner and Rebecca Wolff, published by Fence.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008
Mystery deepens over German poet Schiller's skull:
BERLIN (Reuters) - A painstaking two-year investigation to determine which of two skulls belonged to Friedrich Schiller has found neither is a match, prolonging a 180-year-old mystery over the celebrated German poet's remains.