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poetry reviewing...

Saturday, May 30, 2009
... do they do it differently in the UK?

Weave Magazine

...open to poetry, fiction, et cetera

Bleak House: For Sale

Friday, May 29, 2009
...at two million pounds [UK]:
Bleak House commands one of the most prominent positions in Broadstairs — high up on the cliffs on the coast of Kent stands this Mansion House, known far and wide as the once seaside residence of the great novelist, Charles Dickens.

Thousands enter comp /

Seeking haikus for London / Can you do better?

Chris Hamilton-Emery

"People are saving us one book at a time."

Urs Engeler Editor

Thursday, May 28, 2009
Bad news for German-language poetry: the Basel-based publisher Urs Engeler Editor is closing its doors.

OCHO #24 (The Twitter Edition)

...is fresh.

Martin Amis Public Events: Literature and Suicide with Al Alvarez and Melvyn Bragg

Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Martin Amis's classic 1984 novel, Money, was subtitled 'A suicide note', and it is a subject to which he has periodically returned in his later novels.

AMBROSIA: Journal of Fine Haiku

Ambrosia seeks haiku written in tercets, with the traditional shape and rhythm of haiku, in a natural, modern, English idiom with great care for the sound of the verse when spoken.

Who cares about poetry, anyway?

'Maybe that’s why Stalin killed poets, because he was afraid of us.'

Disintegrating Poems

Monday, May 25, 2009
Rob A. Mackenzie:
"A few weeks ago, Helena Nelson sent me a link telling the story of a poetry reading. This, however, was no ordinary reading. The idea is that, without telling the audience the nature of the event, you write a batch of poems over a few months – the very best you can do, nothing dashed off or obviously ephemeral. Once you’ve read them, you tear them all up. No other copies can exist and you have to delete them from your hard drive before performing them. In other words, the performance is a one-off experience, never to be repeated..."

Oxford poet may lose post over sex slur

Sunday, May 24, 2009
Oxford University's new professor of poetry was told to resign last night after it emerged she had told journalists about sexual allegations against her main rival prior to her election.

Update: Oxford professor of poetry Ruth Padel resigns

Salt: Just One Book (the trailer)

Put your loose change to good use.

Update: Just One Book campaign spreads.

Emerging Writers’ Festival: The First Word

Saturday, May 23, 2009
Benjamin Solah [Australia]:
"The most glaring example of this accessibility was the fact that tonight’s keynote speaker, Shane McCarthy, is a comic book writer. Not a novelist or poet or playwright as you’d expect but a comic book writer. It’s something different and kind of broaches the common idea of what a writer is."

Superhero Anthology

Friday, May 22, 2009
Call for Poems

Galatea Resurrects #12 (A Poetry Engagement)

...is fresh.

Press 1

...is fresh.

Inaugural Michael Marks Awards for Poetry Pamphlets

Thursday, May 21, 2009
A total of six poets and four publishers from over 120 entries have been shortlisted for the two awards, worth £5,000 each.

John Siddique's poetry workshop

The poet and creative writing teacher invites you to commune with the intimate secrets of the night for this month's exercise

Olvar Wood Writers Retreat

Four manuscripts will be selected for the fellowship [Australia]:
Each of the winning entrants will receive:

* a full manuscript appraisal, including guidance on how to further develop their work for publication;
* a week-long intensive retreat at Olvar Wood Writers Retreat (24-31 July);
* three monthly feedback sessions after the retreat to support them in rewriting/editing their manuscript;
* membership of Friends of Olvar.
Deadline: 29 May 09.

For authors on book tour, don’t forget your … �

A list of must-bring-alongs

Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
...is fresh.

Off the menu

Tony Williams:
"Some disappointing news for me personally and for UK poetry generally – Salt have had to cancel all future publications owing to a financial crisis."
Update: ...and back on again?

Save Salt: Just One Book

A Marathon Reading of Walt Whitman's Song of Myself

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Readers to include local writers, poets, teachers, students and whoever else want to 'sound their barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world'.

[via Karen Head]

Ten Questions for Poetry Editors

What goes on inside poetry editors' heads?

I feel like quitting writing

"I say this because lifelong dreams arrive as dreams. That is their power. They have their own power and their own significance to us." [click past gateway ad]

We Make Magazines (Inside the Independents)

Monday, May 18, 2009
[via ] Blanket Magazine

"From the curators of Colophon (a biennial symposium for magazine makers, experts, advertisers, readers and all creatives involved in the world of the independent magazine) comes this fascinating book which is a must read for anyone interested in independent magazine publishing."

Open Micro

...always fresh.

While in the station, don't refrain from alliteration

Sunday, May 17, 2009
Yoko Ono is to judge the world's first interactive poetry competition, which starts in London tomorrow.


...by Brent Goodman:
"How has the poet crafted the piece? What devices is he using to deliver you the images, happenings and emotions you grabbed the first-time through? Remember: the poet is the author. He has placed his words exactly how he wants them to 'make' the poem. On these reads, think about things like repetition of phrases or sounds, stanza breaks -- or the lack of them and line length. Think about the strength of each word: how precise the verbs are (cuts, splices, confides) and how specific the nouns are (MGB instead of 'car' and moraines instead of 'hills' or 'ridges')."

The poet who disappeared

Friday, May 15, 2009
ROSEMARY Tonks, the poet, disappeared from the luxurious home she shared with her banker husband Mickie in Downshire Hill, Hampstead, in the late 1970s.

Poetry at the Chelsea Flower Show

Susan Richardson:
"I have some exciting news!

I've been asked to be poet-in-residence for BBC2's coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show next Tuesday (19th May)."

dumbfounder Stu Hatton’s Literary Space

Wednesday, May 13, 2009
"Where do I write? Pretty much everywhere."

The Movement to Stop Derek Walcott's Election as Oxford Professor of Poetry

Seth Abramson:
"I just received this note from an anonymous source at Oxford (emphasis mine, below; see prior post on this, including details of the confessed-to sexual harassment allegations against Walcott, here)..."

You're invited to tonight's White House poetry night

-- and Darth Vader is reading:
The event will be attended by President Obama, his wife, Michelle -- and me and you too, if we log on to the White House's live stream of the event.

Poets On Twitter

Collin Kelley:
"A few caveats for this list: I only included the poet if they've updated in the last couple of months. Use it or delete it is my motto."
Update: Twitter Poets Call for Poems

Call for Work: The Self-Portrait Issue of Oranges & Sardines

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Deadline 1 September 2009

Writing workshops in Lancashire

Summer Workshops [UK]:
06/06/2009 GAIA HOLMES: The workshop of sensory delights
20/06/2009 ANDREW OLDHAM: Re-writing
11/07/2009 IAN PARKS: Narrative Poetry - Stories in Verse

There will also be a workshop for writers and poets on developing writing in progress:

25/07/2009 IAN PARKS & ANDREW OLDHAM: Workshop Words


Monday, May 11, 2009
... is fresh.

Visible Verse 2009

Visible Verse 2009 is a film festival that screens Videopoems:
So what exactly is a Videopoem? Sometimes referred to as Poetronica (I like to call them Voems as opposed to Pideo which sounds a bit unhygienic), Videopoems are where spoken word and Video Art converge.

Mankind Mag

Thursday, May 07, 2009
...is fresh.

Publicity poetic justice for powerful medium

Wednesday, May 06, 2009
IT'S a dream come true: pages and pages in newspapers, plenty on the web, radio spots – all about poetry!

Poet Goes Missing in Japan

Search for poet Craig Arnold may be called off:
Poet Craig Arnold has gone missing on the small volcanic island of Kuchino-Erabu-Shiba while on a creative exchange fellowship.
"A phone call or email should say something to the effect that this is an important person who must be found, and any pressure we can put on our national government and the Japanese to continue the search is critical to our efforts. Time is of the essence. The island and areas surrounding the volcano are small enough that an extended search will surely lead to Craig's discovery."
More here.

News coverage here.

Janet Frame's writing desk

Saturday, May 02, 2009
The most dramatic thing about the condition of the desk is that it is in two pieces [NZ]
From the conservation report: "The top of the desk, including the leatherette, has been sawn through alongside the left hand pair of drawers; the cut was made from one side and then the other, and they did not quite meet. The two pieces have been rejoined with three timber dowels let into the end grain of the timber top, but these are now loose and broken. A rail that originally joined the inner legs at the back and directly underneath the top is now missing."


... is fresh.

qarrtsiluni's Call for Submissions

Friday, May 01, 2009
Read about the theme: Economy

Baby Trotsky on Twitter

Introducing Baby Trotsky, a Twitter Literary Magazine:
Send editor Jim Behrle your 140 character poems and stories.
I like "a twitterary magazine". Kinda catchy.

Carol Ann Duffy becomes first female poet laureate

Duffy takes poetry's most prestigious job, succeeding Andrew Motion, as a standard-bearer for women poets.