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On Launching My First Book: Tess Taylor

Monday, October 07, 2013
Tess Taylor writes:
'I asked a fellow writer, dear friend and Guggenheim winner Michael Lukas, how his book tour had gone. “Well,” he said, “a book tour is the service you do to the person who wrote your book.” I loved that sentence—its sense of allowing distance between the writer I was when crafting these poems and the person I am now as I talk about having once been the person who crafted them. It’s all right, then, that even that as I launch this book and talk about it that the person talking warmly about these poems is not the same soul who wrote them. The woman who wrote this book was a recluse, single-mindedly at work on a mysterious collage, hunched over traces, in the thrall of historical absence. The woman who is on a book tour now is doing a service to that introvert, that craftsperson.'

Disturbance, my second poetry collection

Sunday, October 06, 2013
I am pleased to share the news that my second poetry collection, Disturbance, launches next month at the Dylan Thomas Festival.

Collaboration and remix in poetry

Thursday, October 03, 2013
Rachel Barenblat: "Remix, transformative work, videos which build on poetry, composers who borrow our lines for their music, poems inspired by other poems -- these are my idea of a good time."

Electric language: an interview by Clare Carlin

Hiraeth, glaireous and marmoreal:
"No cameras. Make sure you don’t make eye contact with anyone… You might start off WWIII! I only wanted to read a poem!"